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To achieve consistent Tension Free Performance at a high level you must develop the 3 main domains of a Tension Free Hockey player. That is: Mental, Technical and Physical.

If you need help in any of these domains, please visit our Tension Free coaches to see how they can help.

Mental Coaches

Identity Shift Hockey

I help you align your mental and development goals so you can get to the next level in hockey. I start off by helping you learn exactly who you are (Identity). Then we set clear goals and expand what is possible for you. Then we get all of your systems in alignment. When everything aligns, hockey and life becomes more fun and tension free!

- Corson Searles (Founder)


Technical coaches

Train 2.0

One key factor that sets the best NHL players apart, is their ability stay relaxed. Throughout my 15+ years of coaching, I've noticed most hockey players hold way too much tension, causing poor movement patterns and poor results.

At Train 2.0, we're dedicated to helping you in minimizing unnecessary tension in your body, providing you with a mechanical advantage and enhancing your overall performance on the ice.

- Jason Yee (Founder)


Kevin McKinnon

I help players learn skating mechanics and teach speed through relaxation. Reducing tension in skating can have a profound impact on your performance and we can provide that through personalized video analysis & skating assessment’s.


Physical Coaches

Ryan Shanahan

Achieving tension free prowess demands an understanding that "your body shapes the way you move". This underscores the pivotal role of off-ice training. It can either propel you toward success or impede your progress.

I help you craft your tension free hockey physique by engaging in movements that activate feet, form fascia, and ignite your spinal engine. This off-ice training trio propels you into a realm of Energy Flow; a dynamic force that transforms muscle, mechanics, and mental energy into unstoppable, tension free propulsion.


Mac Vail

With years of experience in a variety of settings catered toward health and wellness, as well as in strength, conditioning, and athletic development, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I am an advocate for the intricate connection between our mind, body, and spirit.

I firmly believe that a movement practice is the foundational pillar for connecting to ourselves on the deepest, highest level and is essential for reaching our full potential. Being connected to our body allows us to play the game with confidence and in flow. Contact me for private 1-on-1 training.


It is important to note that choosing a coach is a personal decision and the responsibility of the customer, thus, we have provided you with multiple options. We believe that the coaches we have recommended will give you the tools to play more Tension Free Hockey. However, please note that we are not responsible for your results, nor is any of our coaches It is up to YOU to put in the work, we will be here encouraging you along the way Remember, Train Hard. Play Free.